2022 Grant Awardees

The Petersburg Community Foundation, an affiliate of the Alaska Community Foundation, announced its 2022 PCF grant awards this week. This year, ten nonprofit organizations received $32,910 in grant funding to support programs for youth, arts, and the larger Petersburg community. 

Strengthening Petersburg through the projects of our nonprofits continues to be PCF’s mission, and grant-making from the endowment fund is a significant PCF role. The Petersburg Community Foundation is pleased to share the success of its growing endowment fund and the work being done by Petersburg nonprofits. In particular, PCF is excited this year to support projects demonstrating collaboration among organizations, which is reflected in the brief description of the grantees.


Where did the Petersburg Community Foundation originate? Jenny Rasmuson had a vision for the state of Alaska and created the Rasmuson Foundation in 1955 in honor of her late husband Elmer. The Rasmuson Foundation has grown under the leadership of succeeding generations, always under the precept that ‘It’s about giving back to a state that gives so much to everyone who lives here. It’s a tradition of investing in Alaska.”  The Rasmuson Foundation initiated the affiliate program under the Alaska Community Foundation umbrella in 2008 in an effort to have locally-advised endowments support charitable organizations within small communities across the state.

In 2008 a group of community members in Petersburg envisioned a healthy endowment that would fund the nonprofit engine every year in perpetuity and joined forces with the Rasmuson Foundation. Here we are in 2022, now called the Petersburg Community Foundation, with a community grant-making endowment fund, aka the ‘pile of money,’ that has grown to provide $241,000 in earnings reinvested in Petersburg through the projects of 36 different charitable organizations. 

 Our program is founded on the strength of the endowment fund, grown to support charitable causes for decades to come. This endowment fund is built from annual donations of friends and neighbors, individuals, and businesses, contributing to the collective effort of strengthening Petersburg through the projects of our nonprofits. If you would like more information, please reach out at petersburg@alaskacf.org