Announcing the 2024 Art Contest Winners…

A Big Thank You to all of the fine artists who submitted their artwork!

PCF is pleased to announce the winners: Ashley Lohr and Daniel Tucker. Read more about the artists below, and keep an eye out for their artwork in town around Mayfest!

Ashley Lohr

In 2008, Ashley moved to Petersburg to teach art while continuing her artistic development. She earned a Master’s degree in painting in 2015. Inspired by Alaska’s surroundings, she started creating enamel jewelry, using glass fused to copper and focusing on vibrant colors. Ashley enjoys presenting expressive color combinations through art making.  Her art reflects the colors of Southeast Alaska’s seasons and features shapes like fishing buoys, salmon, and Devil’s Thumb mountain. You can find Ashley’s enamel jewelry at the Clausen Museum in Petersburg, Alaska.

To see more of Ashley’s jewelry, visit her website:

Daniel Tucker

Raised by a forester and an anthropologist in the Pacific Northwest, Daniel finds inspiration in nature’s patterns. Travel experiences across Europe, West Africa, India, Chile, and Alaska help shape his artistic perspective. Influences include woodcut masters, Celtic art, Yoruba masks, and photography. Balancing art with farming, Daniel finds joy in seeing plants thrive and landscapes evolve. Daniel aims to create harmonious, functional landscapes and images that celebrate life’s beauty, focusing on building a world people truly desire.

To see more of Daniel Tucker’s art, visit his website: