Grantee Highlight (2016) – Petersburg Children’s Center

The Petersburg Children’s Center underwent an 880 square foot expansion to address the community need for quality, affordable child care. Prior to the expansion, the Children’s Center had 44 children on the daycare waitlist and 18 on the afterschool program waitlist. The expansion allowed for the enrollment of 20 additional children in daycare.

As part of this expansion, several health and safety improvements to the building were made, including installation of a required fire suppression system. Funds from the Petersburg Community Foundation were used specifically to cover the cost of a required fire suppression system. The Children’s Center was able to pool together a combination of two significant grants, several small grants and donations, and fundraisers to raise necessary funds for the project. This project also received tremendous support from individuals and businesses in the community who donated funds and volunteered time and materials to make the project successful.